About Pacific Arts & Crafts
Pacific Arts & Crafts is a manufacturer and supplier of elegant home and garden decor. With our headquarters in Washington and overseas office and factories, we focus on developing and discovering products that are both unique and functional. After years of work, we developed the process to re-create an authentic copper finish on lightweight planters. The resulting Copperglass Collection is an incredibly successful line of fiberglass containers, with customers claiming, "These are the best planters ever! We are overjoyed and want more."
About our Copperglass Collection
Our exclusive line of decorative and versatile Copperglass Planters marries the rich color of copper with the lightweight durability of fiberglass, utilizing the positive qualities of both materials. Because they are handcrafted of fiberglass, Copperglass Planters can be enjoyed indoors as beautiful cachepots or outdoors in any climate. The planters are extremely frost resistant and can be easily drilled for drainage. Our proprietary method of finishing with a layer of real copper creates the elegant look of solid metal without the excessive weight. As with traditional copper planters, Copperglass Planters will naturally oxidize over time, creating stunning patinas and a more natural copper look. Handcrafted and hand finished, each planter is slightly unique in color gradation, creating a one of a kind piece for home or garden.
About our AegeanStone Collection
Our unique line of AegeanStone planters and urns combine the classical elegance of cast stone with the lightweight durability of fiberglass. AegeanStone planters feature clean, stylish lines and three natural colors to blend in with any environment. Our exclusive Sandstone and Granite finishes actually produce the authentic look, feel and texture of stone. All pieces in the collection can be enjoyed indoors as watertight cachepots, or, if the container will be used outdoors, holes may simply be drilled to add drainage. You may leave them outside throughout the entire year in any climate, and be confident that they will not crack under harsh winter conditions. Each AegeanStone piece is handcrafted and hand finished, so no two are exactly alike.